About the artist (Diane Larouche Ellard)


I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I was “that kid” in school who was praised for my skill and creativity. When I attended the University of Saskatchewan in the BFA program my confidence was shaken – my concept of art was challenged. I was asked to look more carefully, feel relationships, see in light and shadow, colour, line, and texture. I fell in love that new way of seeing and interpreting the world.

I live in a rural community west of Saskatoon, and I’ve recently turned my focus close heart and my home. It may seem odd to describe a prairie landscape or an overgrown garden as new, but to me they are new and inspiring; painting them is always challenging and exciting.

I paint landscapes, gardenscapes, and to a lesser degree, figures. I paint in oils and acrylics and incorporate charcoal, drawing media, paint markers and stencils. My work explores the line between painting and drawing, leaning towards a mixed media sensibility. My preferred substrates are stretched canvas, and cradled panel. Panel makes a resilient, rigid support, allowing me to draw vigorously into the surface.

I work almost exclusively from my own photographs. My best paintings flow easily from the camera lens to my easel. Part of each summer is spent with friends and neighbors driving me around their farms and back roads showing me their favorite places; perhaps letting me invade their yards and gardens, collecting images and inspiration for a winter of painting. It is my hope that my paintings entice viewers to pause, and perhaps feel even a little of the excitement I feel when I find a painting in the lens of my camera.

Exhibition History etc… Click here

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