My new tech adventure

“I 3d printed one of your paintings for you to put in the window of your studio” (text from my son to his excited mom)

So I’ve been painting for a long time, and I realize that painting and drawing are old school – but then so am I. Despite that I have been searching for a way to add something new, something that excites me and incorporates new tech and mixed media. I decided I don’t want to do digital painting, just not tactile enough. I have digital graphic design skills and a basic understanding of tech (day job) but hadn’t been able to spend much time to figure out how to bring those worlds together. I’ve been doing some tentative mixed media – mostly involving doilies .. yes doilies!

Long story short, in my search to figure out how to 3d print doilies I found a post about 3d printing from detailed photographs of an object and sent it to my son who happens to have a passion for 3d printing and creating (mostly music) using digital tech. I approached him with the post but I hadn’t had a chance to take action on my part of the deal (starching, suspending and photographing the doilies) when he sent me the image above and this one below.

This was my son’s idea of how I would use the print … in the window to filter light

I took one look and was immediately excited. This was fantastic! A chance to use new technology and collaborate with my son. I could play with my images, make them new and exciting – reuse, manipulate, create new original images. The possibilities were endless. I envisioned using them in mixed media, as completed pieces, in further collaborations … my creative brain was lighting up. Oh the places I can go with this!!

The original image – note the use of doilies patterning in the lower part of the image
First time playing with the printed image and I love it! I want to find more ways to do this thing.

So where do I go from here? I’ve been manipulating high res images of my favorite paintings. Ramping up the contrast and making the colours pop to increase their value… playing with my end of the digital process to see what we get once they are 3d printed. Then off to my printer and wait to see what comes back. The final print can be as large or small as I want, and curved or flat … and a few other options.

A side note about how tactile the surface of the print is. It’s silky and has a lovely texture from the filament used in the printer. I feels like a textile … oh my heart it’s wonderful all around. Can’t wait to continue the process and see how far we can take it.

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